Hello there!

We are N2H4.

The new digital travel guides editor that will give you the perfect push to discover the cities you’re eager to explore.

Want to know more about us and our editors?

-Who are we?

-Launched in 2017, N2H4 is a digital publisher of travel guides with a fresh and bold mind. Giddy up, everyone!

-What’s our spirit?

-We like to travel. We like to live abroad. We like to scout.
And we like to share!
So we gathered an ever-growing team of editors to write down their stays in various cities around the globe and we crafted travel guides based on their stories and experiences. A perfect way for you to discover exciting spots, breathtaking points of view, delicious restaurants, trendy bars and many other tips-off through their very personal adventures.  Oh we are so jealous of all the great things you’re gonna enjoy while we will be sitting in our office working for N2H4!

-Yeah, but that’s corporate blabla. What are your real motivations?

-No, we are honest!
Discovering cities, meeting locals, wandering around from parks to coffee shops, from famous landmarks to suburban industries, all on a strike of luck:  that’s how we fill our journeys.

And we wanted to share with you these real-life stories with you.

So our guides won’t be as precise and complete as the ones sold by the most famous travel books companies. But our guides are authentic. And, that’s what’s most valuable to us.

So take your purchase as a way to grasp the spirit of a city and of a writer (traveler like you in the first place!). A means to push you to explore and discover these cities in your own ways!

-Why digital?

-Because digital is at the core of our generation. Because we can’t travel without our handy screens. Because it’s cheaper for you and for us. Because we like the interactivity this format brings. Because we like to avoid wasting paper. But… feel free to print our guides yourself if you would prefer them this way!

-Why so cheap?

-Because we are young, because we are digital (and we will stay this way), because we want you to spend your money on the travelling itself and not on your planning!

-N2H… what?

-Behind these 4 weird letters hide the chemical formula for Hydrazine. Hydrazine is an inorganic compound used in various rocket propellants. 5, 4, 3, 2…!

-Where is this tagline coming from?

-We like to travel but we also enjoy arts. And literature is among our favorites. These words are inspired by Jorge Luis Borges tales « On Exactitude in Science », but also its analysis by Jean Baudrillard in « Simulacra and Simulation ».


Our team and editors:

Marc Buchy - Director & Writer 

Laura Pertuy - Advisor & Writer

Théophile Calot - Graphic Designer

Nina Strebelle - Technical Support & Writer

Élise Frixtalon - Proofreader

Gloria Maso - Writer

Elise Fahey - Writer

Juliet Perry - Writer

Hannah K Gregory - Writer

Jean Wong - Writer

Julianne Chua - Writer

& more soon!

Burn the map, keep the territory